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0200676 | Friesland Boat | 14.90m x 2.75m | €45,000

A real little barge which will go a lot of places in the UK. Lovely condition and ideal for a couple who want to go fun cruising.

Added 20/01/2018

0200677 | New Build Luxemotor | 24.98m x 4.86m | €315,000 VAT PAid

This is an extremely attractive replica Luxemotor built on the original lines of the last of the Luxemotors built by Boot from Alphen aan de Rijn who were widely regarded as the Rolls Royce of Luxemotor builders renowned for their particularly beautiful barges. She offers excellent accommodation and is in super condition and ready to cruise. A mooring is available (details as above). Great barge for the serious owner.

Added 20/01/2018

0200675 | Luxemotor | 31.00m x 5.05m | €69,500

This is a lot of barge for this money. Anyone looking for a good size live-aboard barge which is in good condition and ready to live on should give her very serious consideration.

Added 11/01/2018

0200674 | Luxemotor | 27.05m x 4.01m | €199,000

Very well equipped and presented barge owner by a professional skipper. Full cruising barge ideal for extensive cruising on the European Waterways.

Added 11/01/2018

0200667 | Motorspits (Shortened) | 28.50m x 5.05m | €98,000

Big Barge offering a lot of space for not a lot of money.

Added 11/01/2018

0200672 | Luxemotor | 31.14m x 5.28m | €119,000

This is an exceptionally spacious and well put together liveaboard barge with good technical installations and able to cruise Northern European Canals as well as be independent from shore-side. A lot of barge for the money!!

Added 11/12/2017

0200517 | Dutch Luxemotor | 25.0m x 5.0m | €385,000

Magnificent totally re-built Luxemotor which now provides simply stunning state of the art modern living space. This is very much a barge for extended luxury cruising and living aboard as she is entirely self sufficient. In 1st Class condition with superb technical installations this is a One Off vessel for the discerning purchaser.

Added 02/12/2017

0200670 | Luxemotor | 21.00m x 4.00m | €120,000

Lovely Luxemotor barge completely re-built and in super condition. Energy efficient and ready to use. Offered at a very competitive price for this size of barge in this condition. Benefit of good aft deck.

Added 02/12/2017

0200551 | Steilsteven | 22.12m x 3.95m | €37,500 AS IS WHERE IS

This is a nice little Steilsteven barge ideal for someone with two right hands to totally re-furbish into a very attractive cruising / liveaboard barge. Lots of work to do but could be lovely when finished. Great Project Barge for someone!!

Added 02/12/2017

0200669 | Steilsteven | 37.97m x 5.30m | €165,000

This is an exceptional Liveaboard barge offering massive accommodation which is full of character. With the advantage of lots of outside deck space this barge with some minor interior alterations could be either a superb floating home or there is the possibility for her to be used as a floating clubhouse, bar etc.

Added 28/11/2017