I have been reviewing my files on Jeltje the beautiful Dutch barge you completed last year for Margaret and I, noting that I had not written to you expresing our gratitude in the great job you did for us on this very demanding project.

To recap a little the Jeltje project started with a phone call to you from our little place in Mexico, to us flying over for a few days to your lovely town of Elburg, visiting the building yard to signing the agreement to build in March 2007. Although the agreement was vague in detail as to what we would get Margaret and I felt we were in good hands with professional people. We again visited when she was in the water and interior work was underway and to decided on the galley, heads etc at that time we were impressed at the quality of the build. Having been kept up to date on a regular basis with many, many digital pictures and questions via the internet we felt we were there though actually far away, at this time we had the privilege of meeting several of the talented people working on the project.

In the summer of 08 we arrived to take possession and christen Jeltje which was done with great fanfare and fun in the traditional Dutch way, there were a few items to be corrected, changed and adjusted which were all completed with great willingness never a hesitation which made it a real pleasure and not a chore.
In these uncertain times with whom to do business today has taken on a greater importance with the Bernie Madoff’s and Fred the Shred characters among many others that fill the news of late, it is very refreshing to deal with a company with the combination of ethics, pride and talent. You produced for us a beautiful barge that exceeded our expectations, if ever we want to upgrade again or change style I would not hesitate to do a deal on a handshake with your company.

Margaret and I sincerely thank you and do not hesitate to use us a customer reference if you ever need one.