Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico and buying a barge in Europe presents its challenges. One cannot simply ‘pop over the pond’ to look at the ‘boat of the day’. The’ boat of the day’ invariably turns out to be ‘the little shop of horrors’. If you don’t quite know what you’re looking for, and we didn’t, you MUST have an honest and experienced agent who will find the quality boats/barges that suit your needs, pocket book and stated intentions. We found that Bowcrest Marine exceeded all those requirements. Tony took us from A (answering all of our questions in a thoughtful manner) to Z (getting our survey done in Zwartsluis. In between, he drove us around Belgium, France and England looking at boats. Service like that is hard to beat. Trust me, finding some of those boats was a real effort, even with a GPS.

The Bowcrest Agents in Elburg, NL also provide extraordinary service. We are re-fitting our boat and Mandy and Pieter are handling all the work co-ordination. Being in the States, we absolutely could not do this on our own. They hire high quality craftsmen for each major job that we want done and make sure the project is completed to a high standard. They are worth every Euro for the peace of mind they provide.

Basically, without Bowcrest Marine and their high quality of service and support, I don’t believe we would have purchased a barge. We will be moving to Holland to live on the boat July 17th, 2013