20210102 133735 300x300 - Home

0200795 | Spits | 38.00m x 5.05m

A great opportunity to purchase a basic Spits Hull ready for total rebuild. The ABC engine must be replaced as spares are no longer available. This barge could be restored and put back into full sailing condition but it needs someone with deep pockets and a lot of vision.

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0200796 | Motortjalk | 21.40m x 4.40m

This is a really attractive looking Motortjalk with good quality steelwork which keeps the lines of the vessel nicely. Great dimensions for France and a barge which with minor upgrades would be a super cruising barge ideal for living aboard whilst cruising.

Btenstreek 3 Warten HF 01 300x300 - Home

0200793 | Sailing Klipper | 26.70m x 5.00m

Terrific looking ship very original and full of character! This is a real beauty for anyone looking for a very traditional Dutch Barge. Beautiful Klipper lines and in full sailing condition.

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0200794 | Luxemotor | 24.95m x 4.30m

This is a really lovely looking Luxemotor with original lines and appearance. She is in top condition and ready to cruise and should appeal to the real barge enthusiast.

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0200792 | 24.95m x 5.00m | Zeetjalk

This is a lovely original looking Tjalk with masses of potential and would be a perfect project to turn into a beautiful character liveaboard Barge. This barge is capable of extended Coastal Sailing a big bonus for those who want to go sailing and cruise her.

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0200302 | Ysselaak | 17.43m x 3.72m

90,000 65,000

A very nice well proportioned barge offering a lot of space including an aft deck for entertaining. Excellent value for money with good engine.


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0200711 | Motorbarge | 38.00m x 5.07m

165,000 159,950

Super Big Barge for anyone looking to acquire a large vessel to liveaboard. Plenty of outside space and further space to convert below. Beautiful vintage Bronz engine.

jxftzbz2 300x300 - Home

0200789 | Spits | 49.42 x 5.10m

A good Spits in great condition and can be shortened for not too much money. Good mechanics with very comfortable accom. She is an ideal barge for conversion.

MG 6420 as Smart Object 1 300x300 - Home

0200786 | New Build Widebeam | 18.00m x 3.4m


This is a beautifully built and well planned new build Widebeam ideal for the UK’s Widebeam Canal network. She is remarkably spacious, very well equipped and in addition offers extremely spacious aft deck space ideal for cruising & entertaining and a real benefit if permanently living aboard. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to purchase a New Build Widebeam to have the finishing touches completed to their specification. A great value Barge!


juurbuvn original 300x300 - Home

0200785 | Kempenaar | 57.97m x 6.66m


Unconverted Kempenaar ready to be converted into any number of uses. Ideal base to convert into superb Floating Home of massive proportions, Floating Office / Club House, Restaurant/Pub. Not many of these ships left now so if you are in the market for such a barge now is the time!