Thalia 22 300x300 - Home

0200778 | Replica Dutch Barge | 21.30m x 3.80m

This is an exceptional replica Dutch Barge built to the very highest standards. In fact, it’s rare to see a barge of this type and quality and featuring such an extensive technical specification that Thalia does – you could say built regardless of cost! This lovely barge is ideal for permanent liveaboard on the UK Widebeam Canals/Rivers and with the benefit of her CAT “C” RCD Classification she is capable of being a full cruising home in the UK. She is offered for sale at a very realistic price to achieve a quick sale. With some modest alterations she would be able to obtain her TRIWV (ES-TRIN) classification opening up European waterways to cruising.


zeilfoto Linde 1 300x300 - Home

0200808 | 39.75m x 6.50m | 3 Mast Klipper

Outstanding Sailing Barge which can continue to work or be converted into super liveaboard home. This beautiful vessel is in top condition and capable of sailing in open water. Her dimensions make her a superb choice for anyone looking for a barge of character to live aboard.

4381927 300x300 - Home

0200806 | Zeetjalk | 23.31m x 5.40m

Unique opportunity to purchase a New Build Tjalk which has recently undergone total rebuild. Vessel has great dimensions for cruising the open water and as a liveaboard. Very unusual Barge and well worth serious consideration.

IMG 4723 300x263 - Home

0200807 | Paviljeon Tjalk | 17.05m x 3.94m

A very nice-looking barge in need of some cosmetic TLC. Ideal for someone who wants a barge with lots of character, great dimensions and ideal for the UK widebeam canals including the K&A.

01 300x300 - Home

0200803 | Euroship Rondvaart Boat | 19.90m x 4.76m

Interesting vessel which could easily be converted into an ideal canal cruiser for France. She has great dimensions which offers offering a lot of space which is all on one level. Built in 2015 she is in effect new and offers masses of potential. She can of course also continue to work as a tour boat.

kmqb7kbh 300x300 - Home

0200810 | Kempenaar | 55.00m x 7.20m

Fully working Kempenaar in excellent condition and ready to work or be converted. Beautiful ABC Ships diesel giving massive torque. Offered at very good price to sell quickly.

steilsteven 300x300 - Home

0200804 | Steilsteven | 23.00m x 4.30m

Classic  ”Friesland”  conversion of a lovely Steilsteven retaining it lovely lines. Vessel has her CVO (ES-TRIN, TRIWV) and would make a great liveaboard or with some upgrades to systems etc. a very nice cruising barge which with her dimensions would be able to go almost anywhere in Europe.

20210322 120505 300x197 - Home

0200805 | Paviljoen Tjalk | 17.85m x 3.82m

Lovely looking Tjalk ready to liveaboard/cruise. Great dimensions for France and much of the UK widebeam system. In excellent condition and offered at a very realistic price.

1 1 300x296 - Home

0200802 | Tjalk Rondvaart Boat | 19.18m x 3.52m

This is a really lovely looking Tjalk Barge which is very very unique being Powered by an Electric Propulsion System. She is ready to work as a passenger boat or would make an ideal conversion project for someone looking to convert a Barge in top condition into a Eco-friendly cruising / liveaboard barge which has exceptional dimensions for France. Great Barge!

Oostergrachtswal 144 300x300 - Home

0200801 | Luxemotor | 26.29m x 4.55m

An outstanding barge offering really spacious accommodation well laid out and very comfortable. Ideal for living aboard and cruising extensively including France. This is quite a unique Luxemotor and has the benefit of CVO approval.

4 300x300 - Home

0200800 | Luxemotor | 21.60m x 4.60m

This is a very well presented and well-equipped barge ideal for a couple to liveaboard & cruise in Europe. Nice dimensions and CVO (ES-TRIN) to 2025.