Beautiful Dutch Barges
State of the art Floating homes


Bowcrest Marine Ltd. is the oldest and only specialist Dutch Barge Brokerage in the UK. It was born out of the vision of our MD Tony Charman as a Dutch Barge brokerage company specializing in making people’s dreams a reality. The company has evolved into a vibrant forward thinking organization which has unrivalled knowledge of all aspects of Dutch Barge Sale & Purchase as well as the practicalities of actually living aboard. As a complimentary activity we have over the recent years been involved with championing the highly innovative and exciting concept of FLOATING HOMES and communities and bringing this concept to the UK. In this direction we have a special relationship with Holland’s largest and most progressive manufacturer of these structures.

Bowcrest Martine Ltd. works strictly within a Code of Conduct to ensure that whatever your needs are, be it buying or selling your Dutch Barge, we can provide you with the best advice and service.

You can rest assured that your best interests and rights will be represented and safeguarded at all times.

We are a family business and you can always speak to the man at the top. Our aim is to be your Ship Broker of choice.